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Improving Internal Communications

The executive director of a mid-sized medical facility realized his management team was neglecting important intra-team communications. To get his team back on track and reinforce expectations to establish and maintain strong relationships, Peridus developed and led a half-day workshop that covered the basic principles of effective communication, developing personal awareness of areas that could …

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Overcoming an Employer Brand Challenge

A well-known tech company was experiencing rapid growth and near constant leadership change. The continuously shifting priorities also resulted in a poor reputation in the market, and the talent acquisition team was struggling to hire enough people to meet the company’s growth needs.   With our strong network of talent acquisition talent we sourced and quickly …

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Powering a High-Growth Talent Team

A major autonomous vehicle company was having difficulty staffing up to meet demands during its critical testing phase. In order to scale the company and meet operational targets, they needed to hire more than 200 qualified people within 18 months.  Peridus provided a fully dedicated team of sourcers, recruiters and coordinators to manage the entire …

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Why Sugar is Bad for the Candidate’s Diet

I’ve heard it and you’ve heard it. When in the midst of recruiting a candidate, lots of HR folks and recruiters are quite fond of saying “I need to ‘sell’ them on this opportunity!” And I think we can all agree that the ability to close the deal is a critical competency for HR professionals …

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Here’s What Talent Agility Looks Like

Mary managed a small team consisting of three employees. The positions they held were coveted jobs in a small but well-known company. With few exceptions these employees tended to be entry-level professionals who used these jobs to launch their careers — ultimately moving on to bigger and better things at other organizations. Even though salaries …

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Looking for the Best in Your New Hires

The hiring process can be tortuous. Lengthy and cumbersome, the journey from completing an application to Day One of employment is often fraught with peril for both the applicant and the recruiting/HR team.  There are hundreds of steps with various decision points along the way; there’s an overabundance of judgment, from the first time a …

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The Not-So Magical Place Where HR Policies Are Born

Most everyone, I imagine, is somewhat familiar with the Cabbage Patch Kids, and perhaps to a lesser degree the origin story that accompanies the dolls. This discovery legend (the quoted material is from Wikipedia) has been reproduced on every Cabbage Patch Kids product from 1983 onward. Xavier Roberts was a ten-year-old boy who discovered the …

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