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independent thinker

Ideas and Innovation

It can be hard work to be a trailblazer; challenging the prevailing wisdom, refusing to stay-the-course, and pushing others to deviate from the traditional and ordinary. It’s much easier, of course, to repeat that which has come before by moving along a well-trod path where we study someone else’s “best practices,” replicate them, and believe …

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Why Small HR Should Think Big

I’ve long been intrigued with the tension that arises between “Big HR” and “Small HR.” That is to say the how and what HR professionals spend their time on at large organizations versus what they’re doing at SMBs. In the US, small businesses (less than 500 employees) account for close to 48% of private sector employment. …

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hiring review

Hiring Review (and Refresh)

Last week a friend was bemoaning the calamitous state of hiring in her low wage/long hours industry. As we discussed the need to challenge her (hiring) assumptions of the past we naturally paid homage to every 2021 hot button topic: the unemployment rate vs. the labor shortage, the need to (more than likely) adjust pay …

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skills inventory

Taking Inventory

One of the lessons learned by organizations during the pandemic was the need to have a robust inventory of the skills and capabilities of their workforces.  Last October, among other findings, the Sapient Insights 2020–2021 HR Systems Survey, found that “the need to quickly redeploy workforces and identify critical roles created a perfect storm for …

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Is it Time to Discard the Word “Talent?”

I realize the irony of writing this blog post just a few short days after dropping the word “talent” as liberally as one showers colored sprinkles on fairy bread. Those of us working in the HR and Recruiting space love using the word “talent.” It sounds sexy and modern. It sparks our souls and fires …

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chaos theory

Chaos in a Talent System

This past weekend, while lazily channel surfing, I watched bits and pieces of Jurassic Park for (approximately) the 372nd time. Fortunately for me they were the snippets with lots and lots of Dr. Ian Malcom action (and I think we can all agree that Jeff Goldblum’s Dr. Ian Malcom, not the tribe of velociraptors, is …

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People (not Robots) Hire People

We’re one of the fiercest advocates for the effective use of technology at work and in HR. Hell; our business is built on this very premise. We keep our fingers on the pulse of all things HR/work technology; existing, declining or new and emerging. We attend and speak at conferences, we contribute to articles, papers …

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communication zoom

“You’re on Mute”

The company Zoom meeting has become a communication necessity for many over the last few months. “Can you move your camera up?” “I like that background!” “Can you turn your music off?” “I can’t hear you… …you’re on mute.” What better way to describe our current workforce communication strategies than a leader (or HR) unwittingly …

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Dear Recruiting – It’s Time to Keep Your Foot on the Gas

In some organizations, leadership teams have “slowed their roll” on all things recruiting and talent acquisition. Not so long ago, before the days of sourdough starters and Netflix docu-series, there was a time when we all took the longview. Not only did we search for candidates to fill our vacancies, we also looked miles down …

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Iconic London is closed.

This bustling city of 9 million residents and 20 million people commuting in to work, is closed. Silent, other than the sounds of the incredible key workers keeping London ticking over and those working tirelessly in the NHS to save lives. Silent, other than the sounds of birds and animals rejoicing in the safety that …

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