Fractional CHRO Services


A flexible way to access professional HR advice and expertise on an ongoing basis, our Fractional CHRO Program allows leaders to focus on running their business while aligning their HR + people strategies with organizational goals. This solution, at a ‘fraction” of the cost of a full-time HR leader, provides both the expertise that's needed and the flexibility that's desired by providing:

        • A senior level HR professional to lead or participate on company projects, strategic objectives and change management initiatives.
        • An HR audit and assessment focused on effective HR practices in the areas of people, process and systems.
        • The building and strengthening of a sound and legally compliant HR infrastructure.
        • A trusted resource for leaders, managers and employees seeking consultation and advice.
        • A tangible, sustainable framework to move your HR function and your organization forward that is grounded in business focused results Continuous iteration of HR + People strategy to match evolving issues and needs.
        • Access and exposure to new ideas and thinking that will become part of the company’s “talent portfolio.”
        • Effective knowledge transfer that sets you up for ongoing success (because you may not need us forever!).


Fractional CHRO engagements may be on-demand, project-based or over a set period of hours each month. 

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